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Vegan Food Friday: Great Fakespectations

March 18, 2011
Fauxlet-o-Phish - Christa Trueman

Fauxlet-o-Phish, courtesy of Christa Trueman

Oh yes indeedy, kids, weep with joy because that heavenly creation above is 100% vegan.  And – hold on to your undies – it’s even gluten-free! *cue spontaneous happy dance*

When it comes to mock meat substitutes, I’m of the opinion that I’m not looking to replace anything, I’m just interested in trying more tasty food.  However, I’m not a big fan of really realistic substitutes.  They give me the shivers.  But there are some pretty damn tasty and amazing recipes out there, and I’m certainly not one to turn down my nose at them. Whatever your taste in food, check out these great fakes.  I’m willing to bet more than a few of them will have you eagerly planning your dinner tonight.

GF= Gluten-free

Fauxlet-o-Phish (just like the heinous McD’s fillet-o-fish you might remember) (GF)

Seitan’s Wings

BBQ “Ribs”  (an all-time favourite in my house)

Veggie Lunch Meat

Chicken-ish Seitan Cutlets (even better than the real thing, baby)

Spicy Italian Vegetarian Sausages (a very well-known recipe ’round the Nets)

Crispy Crunchy Stuffed Tofu (think of the possibilities – tofu cordon bleu, anyone?) (GF option)

Tempeh Wingz (another very well known recipe, which can also be made with tofu or seitan)

General Tso’s Tofu (a veggie riff on the un-vegan General Tso’s chicken) (GF option)

Salt & Pepper Tofu (GF option)

Coconut-Tamarind Fauxsage and Ginger Hoisin Fauxsage

Tofu fries (okay, so not a mock meat thingie, but still really damn good) (GF)

Frikadellen (German vegan “beef” patties)

Toffalo Hot Wings (YUM.)

Burger Rollups (there are no words…)

Vegan Tempeh Wellington

Beer Battered Tofufish

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