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Coming Soon: Vancouver’s First Retail Vegan Bakery

February 14, 2011

Edible Flours New LogoFor many vegans in Vancouver this news has likely already spread far and wide, but it deserves more notice nonetheless.

On February 1st, Edible Flours announced they’re opening Vancouver’s first retail vegan bakery!  Yep, you read that right.  Now Vancouver’s going to be up there with the likes of Portland with Sweetpea Baking Company, as well as with Seattle’s Flying Apron, Berkley’s Cinnaholic, and Toronto’s Danish Bakery.

While quite a few new vegan made-to-order bakeries seem to have popped up lately in Vancouver, this is the very first time a 100% vegan bakery with an actual storefront will be opening.  (I’ll talk more about the other new bakery start-ups in an other blog post.)

Edible Flours, which has been offering vegan wheat-, gluten-, soy- and sugar-free options to hungry vegans and non-vegans alike since May 2010, had previously made their creations available through the Vancouver Farmers Markets weekly summer markets, as well as via phone and online orders.

I had a chance to taste a few of their cookies and cupcakes at the first summer market on Main Street last year.  With their proposed storefront located at 2280 West Broadway in Vancouver, a mere 10-minute walk from my home, I’m planning on being a regular customer.

While a definite opening date hasn’t been announced, owners Paul Briggs and Alli Neville recently tweeted the location as being between the London Drugs and IGA stores, in between Yew and Vine Streets.  In eager anticipation (read: I was feeling really nosey), I took a walk over to the site and looked around, but I wasn’t quite sure where it might be – there didn’t seem to me to be any available space at that particular location.  Now, I think it may be here based on this photo, which was also recently tweeted.

The Georgia Straight recently did a brief interview with Edible Flours, and I plan to keep a very close eye on goings on and report back often.  I’ll also be the one with my face pressed to the glass opening day.

P.S.  Did you also know that in just a mere two weeks Vancouver will also see its very first all-vegan shoe store opening its doors called Nice Shoes?  Take that, Portland!  (Alas, you’ll always be the best with the world’s only vegan mini-mall.)


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