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Mother’s Day Cow Ribbon Campaign

April 24, 2010

Did you know that the dairy industry relies exclusively upon the exploitation of females and their bodies to produce milk?

For a cow to produce milk, she has to be pregnant. So to produce milk all the time, she has to be pregnant all the time. For the entirety of her very short, very painful, absolutely miserable life. And it’s almost always a life not spent in a pretty green pasture. It’s a life spent hooked up to milking machines in stalls no more than the width of her huge body. Standing, all day, every day, with no comfort and no respite.

Her babies are always brutally ripped away from her, most often immediately after birth. Her tender, fragile sons are chopped up for “veal” or simply thrown away to die slow, horrifying deaths. Her daughters are put back into the same vicious cycle of exploitation she is in. Like any new mother, she grieves for her babies. Like you and I, she feels pain and sadness. And she’ll never get to experience the joys of motherhood like we do.

Help stop this awful, agony-filled cycle of exploitation and abuse and join Liberation BC and others who care about cows and mothers everywhere in their Mother’s Day Cow Ribbon Campaign.

Get your ribbon today at Spread the word with easy Tweets, Facebook messages, ecards, and more!

Today, on Mother’s Day, and every day, speak out and stand up for mothers everywhere and say no to the brutal business of factory farming. Go vegan. Your action will have so much more of an impact than you will ever know.

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  1. May 12, 2010 4:27 pm

    You always give me something to think about and consider about the world I live in.
    I don’t always like the reality that you show me – but I like that you show it to me.

    I’m sure I don’t say it enough – thank you.

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