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FoodFriday: Recipe Round-Up

April 23, 2010
"Crumbs with Vegan Chorizo" by VeganWarrior on Flickr (CC-A licensed)

"Crumbs with Vegan Chorizo" by VeganWarrior on Flickr (CC-A licensed)

So, FoodFriday is better late than never right? Turns out tonight is a perfect night to get up to some vegan deliciousness since it’s raining out and I have mountains of laundry to do. (But who does laundry on a Friday night? Me, since I’m flying to Toronto early Sunday morning).

This week’s pickings for FoodFriday included so many sweet things I could have whipped up a SweetFriday instead, which, come to think of it, is not such a bad idea, yes? Perhaps for another time. For now, getta load of these goodies!

The Recipes

Make an awesome seitan roast stuffing or Sunday brunch dish with this sausage-y creation

Continuing the trend from last week, here’s some more mouth-watering Korean comfort food: Bibimbap

Bask in all the flattering credit for these no-fuss ciabatta buns

Another guilt-free way to get your greens with Jess’ Broccoli Raab, Garlic and Teese Rolls

Belly up to the waffle maker this weekend with molasses waffles

Make vegan-friendly traditional Italian braciole and get ready for a feast!

Pi Day may be long past, but you can still enjoy this sweet potato shepherd’s pie

Can’t get Dr. Cow’s cheese where you are? Try your hand at this aged cashew and Brazil nut cheese

Oatmeal cookies just got loads better with the addition of walnuts and dates (and no raisins!)

Love hummus but don’t love all the fat? Give this low-fat hummus a spin in your food processor

No need to deep-six the crab in these savoury cakes with zesty tartar sauce

Use leftover sashed taters to make delicious and quick samosa quesadillas

Check out Byranna’s improved chocolate mudpie cake with coffee-coconut-pecan icing!

Nori butter? Who woulda thunk this would taste so good on asparagus?

Fun Stuff!

A fantastic raw e-cookbook from Jonsi & Alex of Sigur Ros

The grand dame of the kitchen set, Martha Stewart, celebrates Earth Day with her favourite quick meat-less recipes and comfort foods


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