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FoodFriday: Recipe Round-up

April 2, 2010
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Copyright 2009 Joni Marie Newman

Here are a few of the many delicious recipes I’ve stumbled upon lately. Click on the bolded links below to get them. Every Friday I’ll post a new round-up of delicious recipes, vegan and veganizable, to drool over and get inspired by.

Got your own creation or a recipe you want me to highlight here? E-mail me the link at epicurvegan {at} gmail {dot} com.

The Recipes

Snappy spiced graham crackers

Borek: an easily veganizable baked or deep-fried pastry (imagine it filled with Daiya!)

Toothsome guilt-free baked plantain chips

Easy sweet and creamy baked macadamia brie

Indulgent stuffed foccacia with roasted eggplant and cheese

Perfect for a movie night: warm spinach, artichoke heart and roasted garlic dip

Chocolate toffee-covered matzo

Potato-free butternut squash gnocchi

Really good, really tasty mini crustless tofu quiches

Curious cookies with an unexpected crunch

A comfort food must: a beany, cheesy pasta bake

Beer-spiked veggie gumbo

Amazingly easy and decadent coffee liqueur and gianduia-filled chocolate truffles


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