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Colour me happy

February 27, 2010

Embroidery thread stashAfter a few weeks of daydreaming, last Thursday my much-anticipated stash of embroidery thread from Etsy arrived. You can’t see all of the colours here (only a wee bit of the third box visible at the top of the picture), but what a lovely, vibrant bunch of colours. A few times, I’ve just gazed at the bobbins and enjoyed the lusciouness of the thread. I’m told the boxes were saved from the trash heap after the previous owner’s family tossed almost an entire room full of her beloved craft supplies. I was a bit horrified to hear that. At the very least donate it all to a thrift shop! I’m grateful this bit of it was rescued, and now I will love the thread as much as she clearly did.

Elmer Jacobs illustration from the book "Parade of Stories"And with the arrival of the thread began my first embroidery project. I thought our couch could use a sprucing up – it’s barely two years old but it is a cheap Ikea couch, so the cushions on the back of it are looking a bit tired. I thought it would be nice to create a collection of pillows of different sizes, colours, fabrics, and designs, reusing the stuffing from the current couch pillows to create some of the new pillows. Here is a glimpse of the design I’m embroidering for the first cushion. It’s a recreation of an Elmer Jacobs 1965 illustration from the book Parade of Stories (inspiration courtesy the doe-c-doe blog). I traced it onto a very thin interfacing and pinned it to fine white linen that I will back with a very nice white cotton sheeting to give the pillow a little more structure. I think all of the pillows will be embroidered in some way. I’ve got several ideas in mind already, but I think I may need at least 10 pillows.

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