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The crochet goddess has spoken, and it’s divine!

February 19, 2010

Okay, so I get a little dramatic when I’m really excited about something.

And after hours of frustration, this is truly exciting. I’ve read books about it. I’ve scrutinized diagrams. I’ve watched videos. I’ve even asked people to show me how to crochet. All to such little avail I almost shed tears over it. This is a shame because last year a friend gifted me a lovely set of 10 crochet hooks in a case that her mother used to learn to crochet. And I’ve not been able to do a thing with them. I can teach myself to knit, to embroider, to transform just about any recipe into something awesomely vegan. But crochet I cannot. Until now, that is.

This video, found via Larissa at mmmcrafts, is of “Aunt Esther” showing how very easy it really is to crochet:

See, I think this is kind of like math. Very few math teachers who have taught me have found a way of explaining concepts that make math make sense. And then someone comes along with the right words, and it all just clicks. Seems like crochet is very much the same kind of thing.

To say I am relieved I finally get it is such an understatement.

Thanks to Larissa for sharing and to Aunt Esther for enlightening me!

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