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For Haiti, with love

January 20, 2010
Reuters Image

Image from Reuters

Feel helpless?  Like nothing you can do to help the people in Haiti will be enough?  Only have a few dollars to give?

Do whatever you can, however you can, with whatever you have.

Got a skill?  Use it to raise some money.  And if you’re in Vancouver and you’re handy in the kitchen, join Vancouver vegans from the Post Punk Kitchen forums in our effort to organize a vegan bake sale to raise money for Haiti.  Go here to visit the forum and sign up to get involved.

And if you don’t have time or don’t have a skill, just give money.  Whatever you can give.  Nothing is a small amount.  As little as $5 could give clean drinking water to family or it could provide a meal for a NGO rescue worker so that person can go on to give more help to people who need it.  Five dollars could even mean a tetanus shot or another life-saving and simple medical procedure that could save a life.

You can give to Doctors Without Borders, the Canadian Red Cross, the American Red Cross, Oxfam, The Humanitarian Coalition.  Or give to whoever you choose.  Just give.  And let the people of Haiti know that though we’ve never met, we love them.

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