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Little treasures

December 30, 2009
Hand-woven wire bird nest

Hand-woven wire bird nest with glass eggs

It always happens that just before Christmas I get whammied by the crafty bug. I find all sorts of wonderful things to make, but my timing isn’t always the greatest. I plan to fix that in the coming year.

In my recent crafty travels, I came across the most amazing artist – Cathe Holden. To say I am enamoured with her blog is an understatement. She has so many fantastic ideas. Her blog post on little wire bird nests really inspired me, as you can see here.

I made my nest out of 24 gauge stainless steel gold wire using a similar method to Cathe’s to start out the nest. I then shaped the nest as I wove straight and twisted wire pieces throughout the nest frame. It took about four hours to make, but it’s so precious it’s well worth the effort. It’s about 3″ across and would make for a lovely tree ornament or a unique little piece to perch upon a shelf.

Check out Cathe’s blog at Just Something I Made and get ready to be seriously inspired.

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