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Passports, frying pans, and Lebanese food

October 18, 2009


Yesterday we wandered over the Earthsave Canada’s annual Taste of Health. A might disappointing I must admit (aside from the guest chefs and cooking demos) – last year’s show was decent, but this year it was a mere fraction of what it was previously. It’s a bit surprising that Vancouver can’t muster a vegetarian festival comparable to some our neighbours in the south enjoy.

There was one redeeming highlight at the Taste of Health. I blogged recently about our upcoming trip to Bejing, China (just 21 days now!) and my distress at not being able to find a copy of The Vegan Society’s Vegan Passport to take with us. I had called the Earthsave Canada office to see if they had any more copies, to which they said they were certain they had no more. Lo and behold, I found two copies at their bookstore booth at the Taste of Health. Obviously, I snapped one of those gems up. So, if any of you out there need a page or two of the book copied until it’s back in print, lemme know what language you need (send me an e-mail) and I would be pleased to send you a page.

I’m also finally going out to get myself a cast iron frying pan today. In preparation for the food bonanza to come, I was ogling my copy of Vegan Brunch again and deciding what to make first. Then I came across Kittee’s post on potato crepes and dosas at Cake Maker to the Stars. I’ve had the pleasure of eating dosas only once and I certainly think that many more need to be consumed as soon as possible. In the meantime, check out Kittee’s post and get yourself up to some dosa makin’.

Oh, and one last thing. If you happen to be in downtown Vancouver and you’re hankerin’ for some delicious vegan Lebanese food, check out Nuba on West Hastings. We’ve been there only once so far, and The Vegan Spoon won’t post a review until we’ve been there at least one more time. But Nuba gets a preliminary 4 out of 5 tofu puffs. For a non-vegan restaurant, there is an impressive amount of damn tasty vegan options on the menu. And the mjadra (available as a mezze, a full plate, and a pita plate) has got to be the most incredibly delicious concoction of lentils I have ever tasted. We also tried the najib’s special and the veggie hushwi. Everything tasted like heaven.

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