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Scrambled Tofu Breakfast Wrap

December 18, 2008

Updated: September 5th, 2011

On weekends when there isn’t much in the kitchen to eat for breakfast, my partner and I visit Sejuiced to get their scrambled tofu wrap. Sejuiced is a tiny restaurant located on 4th Avenue in Vancouver. The restaurant offers vegetarian fare that is hearty, satisfying, and simple, and the prices are very reasonable. Despite it’s affordability, though, we can’t always eat out, so I decided to create my own version of the wrap.

The recipe below is quick and easy to throw together on a morning when you might not have the time to sit down to eat at home. At Sejuiced, they line the wrap with a leaf of Romaine lettuce to keep the hot tofu and juices from soaking into the tortilla and making a mess of the whole thing. If you take your wrap on the road, I recommend using the Romaine lettuce – you’ll definitely appreciate it, especially when you don’t want to end up with your breakfast all over your clothes.

Scrambled Tofu Wrap a la Sejuiced

Scrambled Tofu Breakfast Wrap


225g firm tofu, crumbled (about 2 cups)
1/2 cup (or more) of tomato salsa
1/3-1/4 cup pitted Kalamata olives, quartered
1/3 cup nutritional yeast
1 tbsp olive or canola oil
1/2 tsp sea salt
1 tsp onion powder or onion granules
1 tsp garlic powder or garlic granules
Freshly ground black pepper, to
2 large Romaine lettuce leaves, washed and dried well
1/2 cup grated vegan cheddar cheese, shredded (optional; Earth Island’s Nacho Cheese flavour is a good one to try)
2 large tortillas


1. In a skillet, heat 1 tbsp of oil over medium heat, turning the heat down a notch or two once the pan and the oil are well warmed. Add the crumbled tofu and warm through, about 2 minutes.

2. Mix in the salsa and olives and allow the mixture to warm through again, about a minute. If you like your tofu a little drier, cook the mixture a bit longer.

3. Add the nutritional yeast and the seasonings, stirring the mixture to thoroughly combine. If using the vegan cheese, add in and stir until slightly melted or well combined. Remove the skillet from the heat and set aside.

4. To assemble the wrap, break up the bottom half or thicker parts of the spines on both lettuce leaves so that they bend easily when folding up the tortilla. Along one side of the tortilla, mound half of the tofu scramble on top of the lettuce leaf (the side closest to you is easier to start wrapping from). Leave about 1 1/2 inches of tortilla on either side of the tofu mound. Fold these edges in on top of the tofu. Then, holding these edges down with your index fingers, place your thumbs under the edge of the wrap closet to you and begin folding the wrap away from you. Take care to use your index fingers to help keep the tofu in place (you’ll see what I mean when you make your wrap.) This will help keep the tofu from spilling out of your tortilla. Keep tucking in the edges of the wrap with your index fingers, folding the tortilla until the wrap is complete.

5. Eat right away (slice it in half to share if it is too big), or wrap in tin foil or waxed paper and take the wrap with you.

Makes 2-4 servings.

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  1. December 27, 2008 11:13 pm

    Looks really good! I love anything that goes in bread. Sandwiches, wraps, burgers.. if there’s bread it’s good!

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