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Epicurvegan, revisited

December 14, 2008

Whether you have found your way here from the original Epicurvegan or have happened upon this blog by chance, I wish you a hearty welcome! I hope my new foodie adventures lead us both toward many soulful indulgences in and thoughtful insights about the joys of vegan food.

A few years ago my new-found delight in cooking and baking, the discovery of farmers markets, and the pleasures of locally grown produce resulted in a new passion for vegan cooking. Thus the original Epicurvegan was dreamed up at Blogger. In bed at night I started reading cookbooks like novels. In shops I sought new ingredients like shoeaholics search for their next pair of great shoes. At the farmers markets I was startled to discover the phenomenal crisp taste and appearance of fresh yellow onions newly pulled from the earth. They were nothing at all like the dried and many-layered moldy onions I’d seen the whole of my life in the supermarkets. I paraded home with bouquets of basil like they were roses and savoured pints of berries so lovely it was almost a shame to eat them. I developed the rather trying habit of holding up dinner while I tried to snap the perfect photo of my latest culinary creation. And I trolled other blogs finding many inspiring ideas that I hoped would lead to my own magnum opera of vegan vittles. Or, at least, keep me from making any dinnertime snafus.

Over the last several months rough upheavals and promising opportunities in my everyday life led to long absences from blogging. As well, a curious aversion to my laptop and the Internet, and even to cooking, saw me leaving my email unchecked for days and a disturbing amount of convenience and fast foods passing as breakfast, lunch, and dinner. A veritable library of vegan cookbooks perched neglected on my bookshelves as they tried vainly with mouthwatering whispers to persuade me to peruse their pages.

This past spring I found a used copy of the 100-Mile Diet which, like my discovery of veganism, led to nothing less than a revolution in my thinking about the world. My awareness about the politics of local eating and the absurd distances much of my food travels sparked a new interest in how I might leave less of an impact on this imperiled planet.

A stint as the food editor at Momentum Magazine once and a while rekindled my interest in blogging. Alas, luminous local Swiss chard and kale wilted in my fridge while the the staff behind the counters at Subway and Gorilla Food knew what my partner and I would order for lunch before we even spoke a word. But when I realized how atrocious our eating habits have become I knew it was time to get back into the kitchen and back into feeling good about food.

So here we are. And here’s to a glorious adventure exploring the possibilities of knee-weaking, make you shake your yah-yah delicious vegan food.

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  1. veggievancouver permalink
    December 27, 2008 7:13 pm

    hi! i found your site via twitter. your recipes look great. i’m looking forward to trying the tofu wrap, yum yum! – and following along on your vegan adventures. 🙂

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